Friday, May 27, 2011

Upgraded Camping!

I read an article titled "The Not-So-Wild Outdoors". It definetly spoke to me - those who like to camp but maybe prefer something between what my family used to sleep in - a SMALL tent with visqueen underneath to keep out the damp - and a nice hotel room! We used to camp quite a bit when the kids were little. It was so very uncomfortable because you could never find even ground. So part of your body was on smooth ground and the other part was on some formation of tree roots. It seems like it would always rain during the night, and even if you had the visqueen underneath and over the top of the tent, you still got wet. When we were first married and out for any type of adventure, this scenario was fine. We had a blast. Then kids came along and they didn't appreciate getting wet. Adventure turned into madness.

ANYWAY . . . this sounds like something I would really like. I really do like to camp but I think I'm to old to stay in the tents that we used to stay in. So I'm thinking that this would be a really nice alternative.

This particular place is called the Falling Water Adventure Resort and is in Bryson City, NC. My mom and step-dad have a home in Franklin, NC which is just a bit south of Bryson City. It is beautiful countryside. I think this would be a great vacation! Some of the activities they offer are whitewater rafting and mountain biking. This may go on my bucket list.

The name of the "tents" that you sleep in are called Yurts. Here's the information.

The Yurts were inspired by the Mongol's ancient design, but that's where the similarity ends. A finished tongue and groove pine floor provides the base for the walls and roof. These circular recreational structures have weatherproof fabric wrapped around a Douglas Fir lattice wall. With wooden French doors, three large windows and a ceiling fan, the mountain breezes keep these tastefully decorated rooms cool and comfortable in summer. The insulated walls and space heaters keep them warm and cozy in the Spring and Fall.

Each Yurt sleeps two in a queen-size bed and all Yurts have futons for additional visitors. During the day, guests can relax on the private decks overlooking Fontana Lake or our ponds. At night, recline in the bed and gaze through the domed skylight at the stars. All Yurts have small refrigerators, AM-FM/cassette/ CD players, and coffee makers for the convenience of our guests. Amenities include water to each site, drink machines, laundry and picnic area with grills. All Yurts are non-smoking.

This resort features private, but shared, lockable bathrooms. These facilities are tiled and wallpapered with a stall shower as well as a vanity and toilet. The bathhouse and laundry are located a short distance from the Yurts. One Yurt and one bathroom are handicap accessible.

Prices: $84 + 10.75% Lodging Tax per room


  1. My parents and family stayed in a Yurt before, they go camping every year in PA and stopped staying in tents about 4 years ago when they built these to avoid the rain and flooding! (although the beds were nothing like that) You should definitly do it! that or a cabin, jason and i are on board for this trip!

  2. I loved those camping trips back in the day, turns out it really helped down the road. Def down for this trip!