Sunday, May 22, 2011

Antioch Youth Retreat


This past weekend Katelyn was on the team of teens putting on the Antioch Retreat held at St. Lawrence. Antioch is designed to bring teens closer to our faith and each other. She attended the retreat last year and decided that she wanted to work to put it on for others this year. The team spent months preparing talks and activities. They ALL did a fantastic job. We are especially VERY proud of Katelyn for doing this. I know it has brought her blessings as well as enabled her to bless others. This retreat is open to all high school students in the parish (as well as invited students from other parishes) and is organized and run by high school students under the direction and leadership of our very own Father Shocklee! He is such a huge blessing to both St. Lawrence and St. Mary's.

Katelyn and her friend Drew were instrumental in designing the logo for the t-shirts and the banner. I think they did an awesome job. They are both so very artistically talented.

Front of shirt

Back of shirt


  1. Good job Kate! Do we get some shirts, they look pretty neat?