Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Kobi ate half  my groceries!

A New Family Member!

We now have a new family member! Today I adopted a polar bear. I don't know his/her name yet, but will get a photo. I'm so excited!!!! Anyway, here are some cute photos - maybe one of these is our new family member.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Thanksgiving Cuties!

 Here are some pics from Thanksgiving. I have a really cute video that I'm working on getting uploaded and also some pictures taken earlier that include Jason & Erica and other miscellaneous.

Angela & Leah chilling after we all ate. Leah is still eating cantelope and more cantelope and more cantelope!


Aidan & his 'lil bro Dillon

The beautiful Katelyn. The next day she got 3 inches of hair cut off!
Leah feeding Dillon. He is 9 months but looks like he is smashing Leah. She didn't quite know what to think about this whole thing.
Julie & Dillon!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's All in Your Perspective . . . . . .

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? This bald eagle may look like it is jet propelled - but it's actually been photographed as an airplane flies in the distance.

In this 1962 photo taken by LIFE's George Silk the refraction makes it seem as if her head is separate from her body!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Huge God Moment!!

What a HUGE God moment I had on the way to Mass this morning! I am so amazed at how quickly, and to the point God can act when it is His will. I was really needing something from Him and He delivered right away through music. I always have K-LOVE playing in my car and just as I was thinking my thoughts this song came on. It was my gift from God and I thank Him for it.

God is good - all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K-Love followers will LOVE this!!!!!

K-LOVE has a new morning show crew and this is their introductory video! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

Love, Love, Love K-LOVE!!!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Have you loved? Have you cared?"

ImmaculĂ©e Ilibagiza. Her Life was transformed dramatically during the 1994 Rwandan genocide where she and seven other women spent 91 days huddled silently together in the cramped bathroom of a local pastor's house. She entered the bathroom a vibrant, 115-pound university student with a loving family - she emerged weighing just 65 pounds to find most of her family had been brutally murdered.

Immaculee credits her salvage mostly to prayer and to a set of rosary beads given to her by her devout Catholic father prior to going into hiding. Anger and resentment about her situation were literally eating her alive and destroying her faith, but rather than succumbing to the rage that she felt, Immaculee instead turned to prayer.

She has written several books, but I would like to read "Left to Tell; Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust".
This is a quote I read from her this morning that I thought was a good way to start the day:

Remember…it doesn’t matter how healthy we are today, or this second, how many plans we have for tomorrow; all we are have for sure is, “the present moment…now!” 

It is up to us to choose to use this moment for good or for evil; to be happy or to be worried; to love or to hate; to forgive or to hold a grudge; to be grateful or to complain; to give a hand or to be indifferent etc… 

Sometimes in life, we have an idea about what the best version of us is.  We think about things we would like to fix, if we knew our lives would come to an end soon. We try to correct bad habits we want to let go of, and embrace good ones.  We think about a friend that we should forgive or apologize to; a debt to pay, or love and gratitude to express to the one who have done good to you. 

Don’t wait for tomorrow, decide to make it better today!  Decide to smile more, to be kinder, to be more loving and compassionate in our actions, words, and thoughts, there lies the secret to peace!  Be happy and know that God loves you.  One thing I know for sure; we will be asked at the end of this journey of life "Have you loved? Have you cared?" Think of what you would answer and make a decision right now to do it!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On This Day . . . .

On this day, 46 years ago, my sister Patti was born. She passed away almost 8 years ago.

For the past 7 years, on her birthday, I have gone to a local park which is FULL of beautiful, old trees, and have let loose a smiley face balloon. Patti LOVED the smiley face icon (she had mugs, trash cans, buttons, and on and on and on) so I have always found it fitting to do this on her "earthly" birthday.

Today was a very windy day, so when I let the balloon go it did not take long to start it's ascent to it's destination. I always stay and watch the balloon as it floats away. It becomes smaller and smaller until finally I can no longer see it. I can only guess where it will end up. I thought, wouldn't it be bizarre if I went into work tomorrow and someone said that a smiley face balloon had ended up in their tree?

As I let it go this evening I wished her Happy Birthday - as usual - but also had a very calm feeling. I know she is so happy and that she probably no longer celebrates this day as her birthday. She probably celebrates the day she passed away and went to be with Jesus as her birthday.

So, I have decided that not only will I let off a balloon on her earthly birthday, but also on her heavenly birthday.

Happy Birthday Patti!!!!!