Friday, May 20, 2011

All American Week at Ft. Bragg!

This past week my future daughter-in-law!!! Erica Dillon, took part in the All American Week at Ft. Bragg. It was a HUGE event because it is the first time since 2006 that all members of the Brigade were there to participate. Last year it was cancelled because there were so many soldiers deployed. My son Jason was one of those.
Jason took some awesome pictures which I'm posting here. I think the most awesome one is of Erica shaking hands with someone - a commanding officer??? Anyway, I think she should be nominated and win the "Most Beautiful 82nd Airborne Soldier Award". If they don't officially have that award I'm now officially making it a yearly, highly distinguished award.

Anyway, here is one of the many newspaper articles about the event and some awesome pictures of the men and women who are putting their lives on hold to protect our country.

Here's the article that was published in the newspapers:

FORT BRAGG -- For the first time since 2006, all brigade combat teams will be home for All American Week at Fort Bragg.

The event kicks off Monday and runs through Friday.

All members of the brigade combat teams in the All-American Division, the 82nd Airborne, will be able to celebrate All American Week this year. The event was canceled last year because too many service members were overseas.

This year’s theme of "Living the Legacy - Back to Basics" will give active paratroopers a chance to honor and meet veterans.

The week will kick-off with a division-wide four-mile run with other sporting events to follow.

On Thursday, more than 22,000 paratroopers will assemble for the division review. The week-long ceremony will conclude with the annual division memorial ceremony to honor fallen soldiers.

Erica is the one holding the small green flag!

A sea of red hats. That would have neat to see in person!

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