Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday, June 29, 2012

Watch Where You're Going!

This is in Croatia

I think I will need to take a trip to Slovenia.

Never knew it was so beautiful there.

Lake Bled, Slovenia


This water is so clear that it looks like the boat if floating. Beautiful!

Doesn't this look like a fantastic way to eat dinner??

Sunset Seaside Portal, Croatia

Monday, June 18, 2012


This is so cute!

It reminds me of the Dr. Seuss book "Are you My Mother?"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hope There Are No Sleepwalkers!!!!

This was taken in Bali.

Hey!!! That's My Son In That Suit!!!!!

FSU Students Charter First WEBD Student Organization
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
By Public Relations

FSU WEBD Members Pictured (from L to R): Summer O’key,
Winfred Cox, Seth Adams, Jason Redinbo-President/Organization Developer,
Patrick Tedder-Organization Developer, Jared James-Vice President/Organization Developer,
Joshua Bloodworth, Aaron Lewis, and Ms. Devin Sturdavant- Advisor.

In an effort to create partnerships among faculty, career services, and corporations, Fayetteville State University (FSU) students have chartered the campus’s first Working to Educate Build & Develop (WEBD) organization.  The program is also designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of minority students while addressing diversity initiatives.

The Office of Career Services has been working with WEBD for the past two years to bring executives to campus for resume critiques and mock interviews as well as to provide students with opportunities for Shadowing, Internships, and attendance at Leadership Conferences.  Professionals at companies such as Ernst & Young, Bank of America, Deloitte, and ACN have come together to provide professional development opportunities for students.

WEBD student participants have stated “WEBD program has given me an opportunity to step into the corporate world, observe, and realize that education and determination effortlessly defeat any type of judgments and background preferences.”
Another student stated, “The WEBD program was an excellent experience for me.  Since being involved I met a lot of outstanding people that are very willing to help you in any way possible.”

In WEBD’s second year at FSU, Steve Clincy, the organization’s co-founder, asked participating students if they would be interested in helping create the first WEBD student chapter.  WEBD Campus Ambassador Jason Redinbo stepped up to the challenge and enlisted the help of two other students, Patrick Tedder and Jared James.  The students worked with Clincy and staff advisors Devin Sturdavant and Latosha Williams to submit the application and proper documentation for starting a campus organization.

The first student chapter of WEBD was officially approved as a registered FSU student organization on April 19, 2012 and the inaugural FSU chapter was recognized at WEBD’s annual Shadow Day event in Charlotte on April 23, 2012.  Several students have joined the FSU chapter of WEBD.  For more information, visit or call (910) 672-1100.

FSU is the second-oldest public institution in North Carolina. A member of the University of North Carolina System, FSU has nearly 6,000 students and offers degrees in more than 60 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I thought this was really cool!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Which One Would You Choose???

To me, this does not look like a safe place to be riding around in balloons. There are pokey rocks all over the place.

Now, this looks like it would be safe!!!!

NO!!!!!!!!! My Eyes are Bleeding!!!

No shirt, no pants, no problem at Vegas nudist convention

The most stressful part of traveling can be deciding what to pack and coordinating all those outfits, accessories, belts and ties. Here's a simple solution: the Nudist Clubhouse Nudist Expo 2012, a two-day convention in Las Vegas (of course) that highlights all-nude resorts and naked-vacation (or "nakation") packages. Visitors to the expo can drop trou after dark at clothing-optional pool parties and grill outs (although we hope they at least wear aprons while they're barbecuing). One unnamed Vegas hotel will even let expo participants ignore its regular "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy and cruise around naked. Beats trying to cram a weekend's worth of clothing into a carry-on.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My Beautiful Daughter

It's so, so, so hard to believe/comprehend/accept that she is going to be graduating from high school in a couple of weeks and moving away, going to school and living on her own!!!! What happened to time?

How pretty!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Roy the Helpful Kitty

Roy is either helping Jason study or is pointing out an error!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

So Very Moving

I have always loved the song "Mary Did You Know" and listening to it while watching this video is an overwhelmingly beautiful experience.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Leah got to ride on the Purdue train for a birthday party!

Friday, May 4, 2012

“A butterfly lights beside us, like a sunbeam... and for a brief moment its glory and beauty belong to our world... but then it flies on again, and although we wish it could have stayed, we are so thankful to have seen it at all." ~Unknown

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Now What ??????????

This is unbelievable . . . . .

What are those darn spots on the wall?

A leetle closer . . . . . .


Sup? I'm an Ibex. I like to climb walls and lick da' salt off of them.

These photos were taken in Diga del Cingino Dam, Italy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Be still and know that I am God . . . . .

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dr. Seuss Cake

I think Angela should get creative and make this for Leah's next birthday!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Erica is on her way to Afghanistan as of last night. Roy wanted to really go with her but instead the teddy bear won out!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Outside it is 71 degrees, but here in my office I feel like this cute little squirrell (Leah call them mouse when she sees one). We have our heaters on!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quote of the Day . . . .

As posted by a facebook friend:

"Note to self: don't yell "squirrel" in the car with my 2 big dogs with me."

Criminal Penguins

This is hilarious! This is an excerpt from "Frozen Planet" which will air on Discovery Channel on March 18 at 8:00.

I love penguins!!!!

This is so darn cute!!!!!!!!!

Click here to check out this most adorable video of Leah and her best friend Kegan

They have both learned the song "No More Monkeys". Cute, cute, cute!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Proud to Be An American

Especially when my future daughter-in-law Erica is serving our country. Thank you Erica!!!!

Keep Erica and all our troops in prayer. Erica deploys on March 20.

Flip-Floppin Weather!!!!

I absolutely cannot believe the weather we have been having!!!!! Today marked the second day of flip-flop wearing. The temp at lunch time was 75!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't recall ever breaking out the flippies this early. LOVING IT!!!!! Usually once I start with the flip-flop syndrome I can't stop. That worries me if we still have a snow storm in our forecast!!!!!

American Heart Association - Heart Walk 2012

My brother-in-law Joel is a very involved person in the American Heart Association. That's because the research that has been done, through donations, helped to save his life. He is trying to raise at least $4000.00  for this year's Heart Walk. If you could please go to this link

and give whatever amount you can give, our family would greatly appreciate it.  Joel was named the 2011 Lifestyle Change Award winner at last year's Heart Walk and is the Chair of the 2012 Lafayette Heart Walk this year!

Our family is so thankful that he is here to do the great work that he is doing.

Here is a video that was done by our local news station, WLFI.