Thursday, May 5, 2011

Families Needing Prayer

There are some people - none of whom I personally know - that need prayer. The first one was posted in the prayer chain email that I receive. It breaks my heart to think about the whole family growing close to this baby and then probably having to say goodbye shortly after birth. But we know that miracles do happen through prayer.


Please add a parishioner and her family to our prayer list who will need support throughout a most difficult pregnancy; genetic testing has determined that the baby has the gene for a condition that does not result in (a very long) vivable life but that the fetus will continue to develop to full term. She will carry this baby and the likely possibility that the baby will not live long after birth. Perhaps we can turn to Mary to intercede on this family's behalf for courage, help, and faith during this trial.


The second family needing prayer, especially for the living sister, is:

A family in Nebraska whose two daughters were in different vehicles which collided and killed one of them. 17-year-old Gabby Matthes was a senior at Freeman High School, and set to graduate before heading to Lincoln for college to become a teacher. But the girl, who was very involved in music and mentoring younger students at her school, had her life tragically cut short. Gabrielle was driving her car east when she crested a hill and collided with a westbound pickup driven by her younger sister, Megan. The Gage County Sheriff says because there's no center line on these gravel, rural roads some people tend to drive towards the center crest. And that played a part, as Gabby was heading to the spring concert when her sister was coming home at the exact same time.

"We had both kids involved and I didn't know what to expect," their father, Todd, said.

Cindy, the mom, says she thanks God that she didn't lose both of her children that day, and hopes people will live life to the fullest like Gabby.

"Knowing that she's in a better place and she's looking over us," Cindy emotionally concluded.

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