Thursday, May 26, 2011

God Can Use Us All!!!

God can employ just about anything for good. In Him a child can slay a giant; a whale can transport an unwilling prophet, a carpenter’s son can be king of the universe, and a persecutor may come to preach salvation to others.

There is no situation too far-fetched to be beyond possibility for God to be at work. There is no one so wrong that God can’t use their story for good. Not even me. Not even you. Not even that person who bugs the daylights out of you.

So what’s your story? Who do you sometimes dismiss in your daily life? How will you look for God there this week? What in yourself do you dismiss as not useful to God, giving you an excuse to not reach out to others?

When we worship Our Lord Jesus Christ...we follow His loving ways of compassion for the least...and forgiveness of others...then we see the ‘image and likeness’ of Our Lord Jesus Christ in all the good deeds we do for the least of all people…

Lord open our eyes to recognize your instruments. Open our hearts to do your will, no matter of our past.

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