Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We are having a wedding!!!!!!!!

My son Jason proposed to the lovely Erica Dillon this weekend down in Hilton Head, SC.
We are happy for them and excited that we will be gaining another family member!!! I hope she knows what she is getting into!!!!! When he called to tell me on Saturday morning I already knew. Mother's intuition. As we were talking I kept thinking "All right already! Tell me!!! Erica said that her mom had a feeling also.

Erica is from the New York area. They are both in the Army and they met at Ft. Bragg. Jason has since retired from the Army and Erica has a couple more years left. See Jason, good things did come from joining the Army!!!
We are looking forward to meeting the NY clan!

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  1. Yes! Very excited to have Erica in the family...she's willing to join, so she fits in already by being crazy! LOL

    Must be Uncle's intuition too as I thought it might be the perfect setting for this!