Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Palm Sunday Weekend Tornado in North Carolina

We were watching the Weather Channel this afternoon and saw that there were tornadoes moving through North Carolina close to Fayetteville (where the Army base is located) and Spring Lake where Jason and Erica live. So I called him and they said they were fine, blah blah blah. Found out later that he neglected to tell me that they were IN Raleigh where the worst of it hit. Now why would he not mention that?!?!?!?!? Thinking back maybe it's a good thing he didn't because I might have started freaking out! Their angels were with them because they were never anywhere where things got bad. Thank you Lord!!!
Anyway, there was quite a bit of damage and reports of deaths are now coming in. Jason said as they were driving back home they went past the Loews store which is now reduced to rubble. He said the parking lot was full and feared that there were probably a lot of deaths.
Let's keep all those who were affected by this storm in our prayers.

Fayetteville had tornadoes go through but Jason was not sure if Spring Lake did. They will take a look around.

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