Monday, April 11, 2011

40 Days for Life - Lives Saved Update

One week to go! With just 7 days left in the spring campaign, we are now aware of … … 346 babies whose mothers have turned away from abortion

- - that we know of!

Here is a story about a baby saved that was shared by a team in California


40 Days for Life volunteers in Orange County spoke to a
woman who had arrived at Planned Parenthood to schedule
an appointment.

"She was told by her doctor that her baby has deformities,"
said Alejandra in Orange County, "and due to her diabetes,
her best option would be to abort."

She said that in her heart, that was not what she wanted
to hear. But that’s also what she was told by a second
doctor. One of the doctors even said Planned Parenthood
"would do a good job on her."

The "job," of course, referred to abortion.

"After talking to us, she is now willing to give her baby
a chance to live," said Alejandra. The woman was taken to
a pregnancy resource center and then to see a doctor in
Los Angeles who specializes in high-risk pregnancies.

"What a difference," the young mother said. "The people
here are warm, caring and friendly. You are treated like
a person -- unlike at Planned Parenthood."

Because she has diabetes, the specialist will continue to
monitor her weekly so the baby has all the chances he or
she deserves.

"Please keep her and her baby in your prayers," said
Alejandra. "Praise the Lord for the opportunity he gave
us to reach to this mom."

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