Thursday, April 28, 2011

LOL Tip #4 for Living Healthy on a Healthy Planet

My plan and my solution . . . . ..


And a question . . . . What is home burial? I don't want my relatives buried out underneath the oak tree in the back yard! Weird.

Plan Your Funeral Now
It's nobody's favorite topic, but how you shuffle off this mortal coil can consume a disproportionate amount of resources, and lead to dangerous chemicals leaching into soil and groundwater, according to the book of Grave Matters: A Journey Through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial (Scribner/Simon & Schuster). Which is why more and more people are planning simpler funerals using traditional practices, natural materials, and ecofriendly burials. The key is to plan ahead, so you can navigate local laws (which are probably less restrictive than you think). The Green Burial Council,, can help, and many funeral homes now offer services for green or home burials. See Green to the Grave to dig up more dirt on this matter.

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