Tuesday, April 26, 2011

40 Days for Life - Update

The 40 Days for Life took place in a record 247 cities in nine countries!

But that’s not the milestone.

So far during this campaign, we are aware of …

… 483 babies who have been saved from abortion. (And reports from local teams will still be coming in for the next week or so. So we hope and pray that number will continue to grow.)

But that’s not the milestone.

Since 40 Days for Life started these coordinated campaigns in September of 2007, we now know of …


Now that's a milestone! That's the population of some small towns. Just think, enough lives were saved to start a town! AWESOME!!!!!

Here are some photos that I found on the 40 Days for Life website.

I really like this picture. This is what is it all about. It's great when you have a group of people. And it's great when you are all able to pray outloud together. But really, in the end, all it takes is the prayers of just one person to save a life.

Let's not forget that sometimes the father of the aborted baby has had no say in the matter and may have really wanted to keep his child.

I love that it is not just those in the USA that are participating.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Madrid, Spain

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