Friday, April 1, 2011

Things that I like . . . . . .

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in the wide open and looking at clouds! I love looking up into the sky and seeing the "cloud pictures" that have been placed there. There is nothing as relaxing as sitting out in a wide open space, looking up into the sky. It is so relaxing watching the clouds slowly drift past. Sometimes you see a formation right away and watch it as it passes by and forms into something new. And other times, you may have to sit there for awhile before you can see anything that you can name.

I remember as a child flying down to Florida to visit my grandparents and looking out the window at the clouds below me. That must have been an amazing thing for a child. To realize that yesterday you were looking UP at the clouds and now you are looking DOWN at the clouds. I remember thinking that the clouds looked like cotton balls spread out all over the sky. What would it feel like to jump through them? My parents tell the story of my reporting to the entire plane that I saw Jesus out there. I wish I could remember now what I saw then.

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