Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Smart Flamingoes!!!!!

They have worked together to produce living art!!!!!!!
I've always wondered why they stood on one foot, but I guess it didn't perplex me to much because this is the first time that I've actually taken time to find out! And it is rather interesting.

Flamingoes stand on one leg to conserve body heat and energy. A bird’s leg receives three times as much blood per heartbeat as their major muscles do, and that blood provides a great deal of warmth to the animal. Flamingos have very long legs, which provide a great deal of surface area for the loss of heat. If you are outside when it is very cold and all you have on is a short-sleeve T-shirt, what do you do with your arms to keep them warm? Most of the time you tuck them in your shirt, close to your body. That is exactly what the flamingo does. By tucking one leg in close to its body, the flamingo is able to stay warmer in cooler weather.

God sure has given the flamingo a neat way to stay warm, hunt food, and stay "unwrinkled," and He has given us an interesting bird to enjoy.

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