Friday, June 3, 2011

Deal of the Day . . . . . . . . .

I have posted on my blog "Thought for the Day" or "Reflection of the Day" ...... things that are thought provoking and spiritually calming.

Well, today it all comes down to money! Today I'm posting "Deal of the Day".

I get daily emails from Groupon ( with discounts on different services. I mentioned one of the deals in my post of May 13 titled "This Made Me Laugh". It was a Groupon Coupon for a romantic gondola ride . . . . in INDIANAPOLIS!!!!

Anyway, I have gotton quite a few great deals with Groupon and I'm thinking that the more they grow the more great values they post.

So today the deal were tickets for Indiana Beach. The normal cost for the Combination Ride and Waterpark Pass is $39.95. They were running a special for $19.00 per ticket.

Katelyn and a group of friends had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that they wanted to plan a trip there this summer so when I saw this I thought, WOW, look at the money they will be saving!!!!! So I sent her a text (yes, that's how I now communicate with my daughter) and she said "Heck YES!!!!!!"

So, eight people will be able to go to Indiana Beach, both waterpark and rides, for
$152.00 instead of $319.60.

I say WOW!!!!!!!

Check out Groupon. You put in your zip code and then you get deals that are area specific and at the same time all around deals. And if you decide to purchase a deal, somehow, if you mention me, I get a $10 credit with them.

Remember all . . . . .

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