Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back to School for Jason

Jason has gone back to college to finish up his degree in accounting. He is currently taking classes at Fayetteville State University (population about 6000 students) and will eventually finish up at University of North Carolina.

GO JASON!!!!!!!!!

In total over the summer he will be taking 4 classes and then will start full-time in the fall.

Hard to get back into the study habit, huh? Have to have your cat help you????????


  1. What!?!?!? I made the blog!!!

  2. He always sits right on the book and just looks at me, stupid cat.

  3. You are now famous!!!!!

    I think that Roy is probably very intelligent and is making sure you are doing your homework correctly. Smart cat no stupid cat. First you put him in a ruck sack and then call him stupid. ABUSE!!!!!!!

  4. I find the very last picture hysterical! Love it. Enjoy reading your posts!