Thursday, March 10, 2011

40 Days For Life - Day 2 - March 10

Here are two beautiful children who were saved from abortion.

Name: Connor and Jackson
DOB: December 11, 1999
Weight: 4lbs each

The Story -

When I found out I was pregnant the "father" demanded I have an abortion. I was only 21 and already had a not quite 3 year old daughter. Shortly after finding out I was pregnant, I started cramping at work and had to go to the ER. There I discovered I was having twins!!! The first thing I was told was "You HAVE to have an abortion now." by the father. After having some tests done the doctors agreed saying I would not survive the pregnancy if I tried to carry the babies to term. They told me there was no way the babies would live. My mother is a Christian and had taught me that God will always take care of those who trust in Him. I knew I had been living a lifestyle that was wrong but I was not about to make the situation worse by killing my babies. I ended up in the hospital from Sept. to Dec. of 1999 because of serious problems due to the pregnancy and had doctors telling me that if my babies lived they would be deaf, blind, or mentally slow. They were wrong! My sons, James Connor and Jackson Paul, were born December 11, 1999, 6 weeks early and perfectly healthy. See, even though doctors were telling me horrible things, God took care of my children. And I'm so thankful to Him for it! Connor and Jackson have changed my life so much and it has been wonderful!

Today's Refection -


May the King of the Universe, who entered this world as a helpless infant, give us the humility to be healed.


My power is made perfect in weakness.

--2 Corinthians 12:9


The great mystery of the Humility of God is very near and dear to the mission of those serving in pro life and in a special way, post abortion ministries across this nation. For those wounded by their participation in abortion, the door to healing often feels like crossing an abyss of great fear: fear of judgment, fear of being torn apart by the pain, by self hatred and rage at those who hurt and abandoned you, and manipulated you in your time of temptation. For men in particular, entering the unknown waters of emotional vulnerability, so necessary to healing calls for a different kind of courage that feels deceptively like weakness.

The door to healing is humility. It is born in the inability to no longer control the pain, to live with the consequences of that tragic decision to reject life. The hearts cries out, "I have committed a grave offense against my Creator and I am consumed by regret, grief and sorrow!"

During these forty days let us pray for all who have participated in abortion and with love call them to healing and reconciliation. With healing these women and men can become as John Paul II proclaimed in the Gospel of Life, "the most eloquent defenders of everyone's right to life."

Jesus proclaimed, "I am the Vine, you are the branches" (John 15:5). To bear the greatest fruit, the branches must be pruned. Each level of pruning of the vine requires a deeper level of humility so that we can abandon ourselves to His will. This is not a lofty theological concept as much as it is an earthy experience of pulling weeds, tilling rocky soil, pruning and healing the vines. "If a man wishes to come after me, he must deny his very self, take up his cross, and begin to follow in my footsteps" (Matthew 16:24).


Lord, during these forty days, we ask that with each day of this sacred vigil, everything in us that separates us from your perfect will would be pruned from our hearts and souls. In this blessed freedom may we experience a powerful anointing of your Holy Spirit. Filled with confidence and trust may we proclaim with the mother of Jesus, "Let it be done to me, according to your Word."

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