Friday, March 11, 2011

40 Days For Life - Day 3

Last night was my first hour at the prayer vigil outside the Lafayette Planned Parenthood. It was a very moving - although FREEZING - experience. The group was mostly praying silently, we sang a song and listened to the daily readings. I felt God's presence there with us and I pray that any of the women and young girls that went into Planned Parenthood will also be able to feel God's presence with them and if they are considering an abortion will seek out other options.

Here's something to consider . . .

Life In The Womb - Take a look at these actual photos of children in the womb, both of whom can be legally aborted in the United States. Do they look like human beings to you? They sure do to me! They are 7 weeks and 8 weeks.



Pray for your local pregnancy help center: for those who answer calls from women considering abortion, those who provide ultrasounds, and those who personally help mothers prepare to parent or place for adoption.


Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.

--Psalm 82:4


When a woman arrives at her local pregnancy help center, the hard work of "rescuing the weak" begins. They listen to her. What desperate circumstance is driving her? They act. A professional ultrasound and medical care is provided. They pray, "God use us." Then, they take up her burdens and work towards life. It is cross-bearing for the child-bearing.

Recently, I prayed for one volunteer who was working with one mother in her struggle. Here is what "rescue the weak" looked like in this one case:

Aug 3: She made an appoint-ment for Thursday to get an abortion and while she feels terrible about it, she also feels like she has no choice. Pray that her heart is changed!
Aug 10: She is 12 weeks along but missed her appointment. She had some good conversa-tions with people at the preg-nancy center. She is now considering adoption.
Aug 13: Things are down again. She now has an abortion scheduled for Monday. Pray!
Aug 17: Missed appointment! God is working in her life.
Sept 1: We've hit another rocky period. She has an abortion scheduled for tomorrow. She found out today that her parents are planning a trip to visit her and she is panicking.
Sept 15: Missed third appointment. But feels like she has no choice. Please pray today.
Sept 20: She fears her parents but has agreed to another ultrasound (a breakthrough).
Sept 22: I was there with her for her ultrasound. She saw her baby moving and made the realization that she wants to carry her baby.

Please keep praying against attack by the enemy. We are overwhelmed by seeing God's hand move in this situation and are so very thankful for the prayers lifted up by each one of you. God is good!


Father, we praise you for this one sister who gave herself, heart and soul, to rescue this one mother and baby. O may you empower the hundreds more today who are serving in our pregnancy help centers. Grant those answering calls, providing ultrasound and following up with a bold spirit of truth, love and perseverance.

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