Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Betty Boop

Betty Boop’s first cartoon appearance was in August 9, 1930, in a cartoon called Dizzy Dishes. As female dog like character, she was a perfect fit for Bimbo. She was sassy, innocent, daring, and even sexy (at least her body was). However, there was just one big problem with Betty Boop, she was ugly! No matter how cute, sassy, innocent Betty Boop would try to be, the audience just couldn’t get over her anthropomorphic facial features.
In 1932, Max Flecisher decided it was time to change Betty Boop’s appearance. In the 1932 cartoon short Any Rags, Betty Boop was finalized to look more like a human cartoon character. Her floppy poodle ears became hoop earrings, and her black poodle nose became a girl’s button-like nose. Betty’s appearance had finally match her characteristics and the audience loved it.

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