Friday, January 13, 2012

Strange News

Not sure about this one. A man with a smurf hat?? Maybe she had been partaking in the fruits of her garden. Just saying . . . .

Grandma: Stranger Lied About Seeds

Grandmother Alberta Kelley has become the toke of the town. 

The 67-year-old from southern Pennsylvania was accused of being a pot-smoking pensioner after police found seven well-cultivated four-foot marijuana plants growing in her garden. 

But Kelley, from Fayette County, said she is innocent. The green-thumb said she unknowingly planted the seeds after being duped by a stranger.

She told the judge and jury that a man she did not know approached her, gave her some seeds and told her if she planted them she would grow the prettiest flowers she has ever seen.

Kelley said the man had a beard and wore a Smurf hat.

The elderly woman tossed a handful of the seeds into her garden, and then watched her garden grow and grow.
And it grew indeed - seven plants in total, rising sky-high to four feet.

They were spotted in her backyard by police when they came to her house to arrest her grandson on a different matter.

Kelley finally got her day in court yesterday.

She was acquitted after the jury believed her version of events. She was not available for comment, but was undoubtedly on a high as she left the court - a natural one of course. 


Maybe it was really the wandering Gnome.

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