Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can You Imagine????

I am reading the book "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn and am throughly enjoying it. His thoughts on what heaven will be like are based on scripture. It has been very interesting to me to read his thoughts and then look up the scriptural reference. What I love the most about the book is his way of portraying heaven as something that we already  have had a partial glimpse of. According to scripture, God will not destroy the earth that we inhabit now. He made it. He said it was good. God does not destroy his works. The beauty we see on earth will remain as part of heaven. The bad, evil things will be destroyed because they are not of God. He closed Eden but it is still there waiting for the day when we can all enjoy it just as Adam  and Eve did.

In heaven we will automatically know everything we ever had questions about. We will recognize and be with our loved ones. We will laugh, play, eat and maybe even take a glorious nap in a most glorious location! But most of all we will praise God unceasingly because that is why he created us. We won't even think about praising Him, it will be a core part of our being. We won't think, "Well, I think I will go to this Mass this weekend because that's what fits best in my schedule." Or, "I think I will sign up for this certain hour for adoration because that is the most convinient time for me". It will be our joy filled purpose to praise Him. How glorious will that be????

I remember a couple of years ago when someone that I knew died. Very shortly after I learned of his death I heard on the radio a song by Mercy Me called "I Can Only Imagine". I remember thinking that this person was seeing everything that we can only imagine. What glory he must be seeing. What spendor he must be experiencing. God only wants the best for us always, in our earthly life and in our everlasting life. We can only imagine that it will be far, far more than we ever thought it could be.

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